A Promise To Forget are a unit with drive, ambition and emotion; three traits that together have helped deliver such a unique approach to the sound of their forthcoming record. As fans became hooked on the unique sound and emotional outlay in between it's no wonder the new record has been highly anticipated as time goes on.
A Promise To Forget is made up of Singer and Guitarist 'Tim Castle', Guitarist 'Tom Bradley', Bassist 'Bradley Stinton' and Drummer 'John Fleetwood' started in a music classroom with four kids playing Framing Hanley and Enter Shikari songs. Since then they have performed on countless stages across the UK touring circuit, have played with peers such as Oceans Ate Alaska, We Came As Romans, Marmosets, Creeper and many more.
The four have spent three years writing their debut album "Dying To Live" and honing it to the best representation of the boundaries the band continuously like to push.
The Album represents Musical Maturing, and the battles that many young people have to fight today to keep pushing on through life. Tracks such as "Sylvia" are an Anthem for lost loved ones, then songs like "Ravens And Writing Desks" are about their cries for help. The Album takes you on a journey through adolescents, maturity and resolution. The band have always stood for Self-Help through music and strongly encourage and back organisations such PAPRYUS and Childline that can help aid people to recovery.
The quartet have always written music as a musical outlet for their own struggles and adversity, and hope to pass it on to fans globally as the new full length is set to deliver with a punch. A full length that has seen the band jump hurdles in making, whether through illness, or studio corrupt files, there is no hurdle the band have not jumped to make this album a possibility and here they are... Ready to conquer and deliver.
When you take in to account the hurdles this band have jumped to have this album in hand today - throw in the unique element to their sound and approach: they are ready to put a new name on the map for UK music. Only a fool would bet against it.